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Highland Strawboards Description

  • Material: Made from recycled carton and waste boxes.
  • Brand Name: Highland Strawboards
  • Production: The recycled materials are processed, pulped, pressed, and dried to form the board.
  • Characteristics:
    • Strength: Provides good strength and stiffness, suitable for book cover binding.
    • Density: Medium to high density.
    • Color: Varies from light to dark, depending on the source materials.
    • Surface Texture: Generally smooth with some texture.
  • Uses:
    • Book Cover Binding: Ideal for hard binding, receipt books, notebooks, and other booklet bindings.
    • Displays and Charts: Used in displays, chart boards, and other types of boards.
  • Environmental Benefits: Considered environmentally friendly as it utilizes recycled materials, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Highland Strawboards are a versatile and sustainable choice for various applications, offering strength and durability suitable for bookbinding and other uses.

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Highland Strawboards Description:

  • Material: Made from recycled carton and waste boxes.
  • Brand Name: Highland Strawboards.
  • Production: Processed, pulped, pressed, and dried.
  • Characteristics: Strong and stiff, medium to high density, varied colors, smooth texture.
  • Uses: Ideal for book cover binding, displays, charts, and other boards.
  • Environmental Benefits: Recycled materials, reduces waste, promotes sustainability.
  • Grammages Available: 300gsm to 1800gsm.
  • Pricing:
    • A1 Size: 4,200 Ksh per rim.
    • A4 Size: 4 Ksh per piece.

Highland Strawboards provide a sustainable, versatile, and durable option for various applications


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